Script 2 Screens is not only a ground-breaking international screenplay and short film competition located in the heart of the entertainment industry, it is a prolific landing place for all things story and cinema.

Script 2 Screens was founded and is run by actual screenwriters and filmmakers who have firsthand experience navigating the Hollywood landscape and understand the ever-shifting climate and demand for top quality content.

We understand the two things any storyteller needs in this town – a quality piece of work to showcase your talent and access to industry decision makers. Our mission is to help create pathways for diverse screenwriters and filmmakers, just like us, who deserve to be seen and want their stories taken from script to screen.

From Oscar winning Judges, to an A-level production crew – creating access to these exclusive pipelines for talented screenwriters and filmmakers is a part of what makes our company exceptional.

Our ongoing community experience invites you to connect, become inspired, informed and receive incredibly exclusive and valuable screenwriting, pitching and filmmaking knowledge from our industry’s finest. Script 2 Screens is the creative hub you’ve been waiting for.