What length should my short film be?

Short films should have a total running time of 30 minutes or less.

What genre films do you accept?
All genres are accepted.
What format should the films be submitted in?
They can be submitted in Youtube, Vimeo, mp4 or a Quicktime file.
Are works-in-progress acceptable for the competitions?
No. Only completed films.
How many people win?
There is only one Grand Prize Winner.
Will I receive $1000 CASH?
If I live outside Los Angeles, how do I attend my one-on-one meeting with the A-level Judge?
The meeting will be conducted online, via Skype or any other video chat platform that is agreed upon by the Judge.
How old can my project be and still qualify for submission?
It must have been completed within the last five years.
If my project includes non-English dialogue, do you require English subtitles?
All projects that contain significant non-English dialogue MUST include on-screen English subtitles at the time of submission.